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Vaniday, the online marketplace for beauty and wellness professionals co-founded by e-commerce behemoth and ‘startup builder’ Rocket Internet, has bagged its first major round of funding.
Vaniday is the new beauty and wellness app to help you find a much needed or purely indulgent treatment at the tap of a finger
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Bridging the gap between personalised salon services, professionals that fit the consumer’s particular requirements and more bespoke online booking experiences, Vaniday is the new one-stop-shop wellness and beauty treatment platform that provides a wealth of experts at our fingertips.

Vaniday is the place to find and book beauty and wellness experiences online. Find your next massage salon, discover a trendy new hairdressers or a great nail salon. Discover beauty salons and services in your area and check the availability of dates and times for whenever suits you best. Compare prices, select your desired service with a few clicks and make online payments. After the booking, get immediate confirmation for your beauty treatment. You have further questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff that will assist you in every step of the booking process.

Vaniday, as a beauty discovery platform is a place for beauty salons to get a great online presence and maximise their exposure. They can showcase their work and connect with customers, both old and new. Users can peek inside every salon using our picture galleries, get familiar with a specific salon’s offer with our detailed service overviews & get instant info on opening hours & location. 

Vaniday is also a great place to source and buy your favourate beauty product and makeup. You can shop at the comfort of your home for a wide range of beauty and health products and pick them up at your favourite salon or have them delivered to your door step.

Vaniday also connects our Vaniday community through our lifestyle digital magazine, Vanizine. Be updated with the latest beauty, wellness and fitness trends shared by our beauty-concious community.

The mission of Vaniday is to be the go-to discovery platform for all beauty and wellness products and services anytime, anywhere. Discover the perfect beauty salon and enjoy unique beauty experiences!

Vaniday is accessible via our website and our app, available for Android and iOS.


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