Aesthetics in Singapore

Aesthetics is a branch of beauty that primarily focuses on perfecting and rejuvenating the skin, the face in particular. Aesthetic services include treatments such as facials, facelifts, and face peels. Proper face and skin care is always an important thing to keep in mind, but it becomes even more important as we age. Rejuvenating treatments such as a microdermabrasion, can transform your skin from dull to glowing with only one session. Therefore, aesthetic treatments are secret weapons against ageing and skin imperfections. Luckily for you, Vaniday offers a wide selection of  aesthetic services from top salons across Singapore. Although these services work hard to give your skin a youthful glow, your aesthetic professional will create a pampering experience that gives you time to relax and recharge. Pair an aesthetic treatment with a gorgeous manicure and leave the salon feeling your very best! 

Aesthetics in Singapore: what to expect

Aesthetic treatments in Singapore are not only about looking gorgeous, they build confidence by solving bothersome skin problems. Oily skin? Prone to acne? Battling fine lines and wrinkles? No matter your skin issue, there is an aesthetic treatment that can help. For example, a face peeling treatment gently removes the dull and dead outer layer of skin. This not only clears up acne issues by unclogging pores, but it also hides wrinkles as fresh new skin is revealed. Microdermabrasion is a similar aesthetic treatment, but rather than peeling the skin, this service gives your face a glow through micro-exfoliation. If you are looking for more permanent aesthetic results, a facelift is a popular treatment that gives powerful results. Keep in mind that aesthetic treatments must be performed by trained professionals. When you book on Vaniday, you can have confidence that your precious face is in good hands! If you ever have questions about an aesthetic treatment, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with your aesthetic professional. They can help guide you towards your ideal treatment and answer any questions you may have.  


Another popular category of aesthetics is facials. These magic little treatments give your skin a much-needed dose of moisture and TLC. Facials not only treat skin problems, but are very relaxing. Pair a Thai massage with an oxygen facial and get the full spa day experience. And if you think that facials are only for women, think again! Men in Singapore know that male facials are one of the easiest (and relaxing!) ways to maintain their handsome look. If you or a special man in your life has never experienced one of these transformative services, treat him to a facial today! Have fun browsing through the many aesthetic options on Vaniday and find a treatment that meets all of your needs. Facials, as with all aesthetic treatments, can range anywhere from a quick spot treatment to a long and relaxing pampering experience, so make sure to decide what you are looking for before you book. Facials can be a great addition to other beauty treatments. For example, book a facial with your next laser hair removal treatment. Although hair removal is rarely a glamorous occasion, a rejuvenating facial is sure to enhance your salon visit!

Aesthetics in Singapore: book on Vaniday

Our mission is to help you find your perfect aesthetic treatment in Singapore. Amid the hustle and bustle of big city living, it’s not always easy to find your perfect salon. From the comfort of your living room or on the go with the Vaniday mobile app, you can look for the most pampering facials in Singapore that fit your schedule and skin needs. Want to find a salon that's also walking distance from your house? No problem!  With the built-in GPS technology tool, you’ll be able to see salons directly near you and immediately book your facial appointment in just a few clicks. Want to save time and add a hair treatment to your aesthetic service? It's simple to find salons that offer a variety of services. To help you find your perfect beautician, Vaniday gives you access to a huge selection of salon menus, where you can browse reviews left by previous customers and compare prices and services. You can also take advantage of amazing offers and beauty packages exclusively on Vaniday, all year round. It’s simple. All you have to do is click ‘book’ via the website or app and voilà, your skin will be glowing in no time!


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