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Hair removal in Singapore

Shave after shave, your hair just keeps coming back for more! We all wish hair would take the hint and scram, but until then, hair removal remains a part of most people's beauty ritual. Shaving is a quick fix for a hairy situation, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Shaving often causes ingrown hairs, razor burn, and can cause dangerous cuts and infections. The worst part, hair returns the next day. Waxing at home is not any better, it's a mess, has the potential to burn, and you can never reach all the right spots! If you want to save time and get smoother skin for longer, salons in Singapore offer hair removal relief. The best part of hair removal in Singapore is that expert salons offer a wide range of services, including both temporary and permanent hair removal. Vaniday offers a wide selection of salons offering hair removal treatments for both men and women. For an added bonus, take advantage of exclusive Vaniday discounts and add on a facial or massage to make your hair removal experience more relaxing!

Hair removal in Singapore: service options

Salons in Singapore offer the ultimate choice of hair removal services. Whether you want permanent hair removal, shaped brows, or to go totally bare, it's all possible on Vaniday. Waxing remains one of the most popular hair removal services because it is fast and gives great results. Popular waxing services include leg waxingeyebrow waxing, and Brazilian waxing. Salons offer different types of hair removal methods, such as sugar waxing and strip waxing. Feel free to call a salon ahead of time to receive advice on which treatment is best for you. Keep in mind that salons can always modify a service to your specific needs and desires. Waxing results typically last between three to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. Salons on Vaniday also offer waxing services for men that can target trouble spots, such as the back and chest
If you are looking for a more permanent hair removal method, laser hair removal is the best option. This hair removal service uses light to specifically target and disrupt hair follicles. This damages the follicle and prevents future hair growth. Salons on Vaniday are fully trained and qualified to perform this treatment. You will be able to relax knowing that you are in good hands. Many people prefer this hair removal method to waxing because the results last much longer. Multiple appointments are necessary to achieve excellent results but you could see a dramatic 95% of permanent hair removal once the service is complete. It is likely that you will see permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions. Laser hair removal makes it easier to wake up and go! 
Another popular hair removal method is threading. This service is typically done to the upper lip and eyebrows. A hair removal specialist will use two pieces of thread to capture and remove hairs. This service is much faster than plucking hairs out individually and it can be less painful than waxing. It is also very gentle on the skin and doesn't lead to irritation. Threading is a great way to keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped and your embarrassing moustache hidden! Explore all the hair removal options and find your perfect fit! You will wonder why you didn't ditch your razor sooner! 

Hair removal in Singapore: book on Vaniday

Ever tried booking a bikini wax over the phone? Unpleasant, huh? Fear no more. Whether you want a hair removal appointment in down town Singapore or a salon with a last minute opening, Vaniday makes booking simple. With the tap of an app or directly on the website, you can scroll through all the top hair removal salons in Singapore, check out customer reviews, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the studio. With so many choices to pick from, you will be sure to find the salon that meets all your needs and more! If you want to receive multiple services at once, you can find salons that offer both hair treatments and hair removal. Whether you are motivated by location, price, or reviews, we have it all covered. Want to find a salon that's also walking distance to your work? No problem! See salons based on your location via the handy GPS locator. Compare prices across salon menus and pick your ideal beauty treatment from the list. What’s more, you’ll find an array of unmissable deals and packages exclusively on Vaniday. Great services, awesome deals, you can't go wrong. Enjoy softer skin longer, with an expert hair removal treatment in Singapore. You have nothing to lose, except hair! 
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