[Innisfree] Ginger Honey Ampoule Skin 200ml

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Product details of [Innisfree] Ginger Honey Ampoule Skin 200ml

  • A hydrating ampoule toner that helps protect the skin with exclusive Gi-ney™ complex.
  • This high-performance essence-like toner packed with nourishing ingredients to reinforce weakened skin barrier due to external aggressors and dehydration.
  • Featuring Gi-ney™ by combining Jeju Canola Honey and its seed oil, as well as Ginger Extract, to provide deep hydration.
  • Easy application and comfortable to wear. To prep your skin and maximise the benefits from the steps that follow.

A moisturizing spread that accumulates moisture layer by layer created from the combination of Jeju’s canola honey and ginger. Gi-ney ComplexTM protect the skin weakened from external conditions and dryness while supplying the skin with layers of moisture and nutrition. Solves problems caused by dry skin - The soft-textured formula instantly coats the skin to solve skin problems caused by dryness immediately after cleansing. High-enriched texture like a toner in a single application, and an ampoule in multiple layers. - When applied once, it quickly penetrates as a toner and quenches the inner thirst of the skin. It also supply deep nourish like an ampoule to the skin as it layer the formula..


Ginger Honey Ampoule Skin 200ml

A moisturizing skin, formulated with innisfree’s Gi-ney™ complex, that protects skin and provides moisturization.





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